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Business Grow

Can you show great traction and want to grow faster? Are the banks just shutting the door in your face? Capital Aid wants to help your webstore reach new heights!

Simple. Hassle free. No surprises.


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We provide loans for your small business

Grow your business with loans up to €30,000 over 6-36 months.

Apply, qualify, and get cash quick.

We approve your loan by looking at real-life data about your business, such as credit card transactions and inventory levels. You receive cash in days, with no paperwork and no hassle.


If you have a minimum of €100,000 annual revenue and have been in business for at least one year, let’s get started!

What can you use it for?


Increase Marketing

Getting the word out about your E-Commerce store will increase the sales. If you do not have the capital for marketing but are seeing great organic traffic, Capital Aid may be able to help.


Better Deal on Stock

The more you buy, the chaper things get, right? This is great if you have the upfront capital but more often than not, you won’t. Show Capital Aid that the product you want sells, then we can help!


Logistics Infrastructure

Logistics is an important but often overlooked part of E-Commerce. How do you currently get all the orders out on time? If you are still doing this manually, it may be worth looking at ways to free up your time.



Its up to you to decide how to best help your business! Feel free to contact us if you can’t decide, and we’ll help you as best as we can!

How does it work

Eager to start? Banks do not like to lend to small business. This is unfortunately a fact. Capital Aid takes a new way of looking at things. A fresh perspective to qualify your business for a growth loan. We want to help your business grow.

Show Us Your Business

Capital Aid makes it simple for you to show us your results. Getting a solid grounding helps us make a decision.

Intuitive Decision Process

Keeping you waiting isn’t our aim. Our intuitive algorithm will let you know quickly if you have been approved.

Receive Payment

Once the decision is successful, we will process the payment for you to accelerate your business.

Follow Up

If you would like, we can help you track spending, post social media ads, get a debit card, and so much more!

The banks fail to recognize your potential. Accelerate with Capital Aid today!

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